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Everybody is talking about these type of classes where you target the core without, doing a single abdominal, and more important, without inflicting detrimental pressure to the abdominal wall or pelvic floor. Top models and actress secret to be ready for new challenges in their carrier after pregnancy!

The “hypopressive method” offers important advantages for health as it allows sportspersons to improve their performances; it prevents joint, muscular and visceral injuries; it improves back problems and urinary incontinence and it increases respiratory capacity.

It delivers significant benefits for women before and after childbirth, whereas it can help men to prevent prostate problems thanks to the increase of vascularisation in the pelvic floor..side effect of this vascularisation is  the improvement of the sexual function of both men and women.

However, many find the hypopressive method attractive from an aesthetic point of view, as it allows reducing the waist circumference up to 8%. Sexy waist and flat tummy all together!

Other benefits include the improvement of body posture, the coffee effect! boost your energy and helps with constipation  by  the increase of metabolism. It also prevention of urinary incontinence, the prevention of organ drop and all kinds of hernias, and the correct management of abdominal pressure.

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